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Art Curator Nina Torres Fine Arts

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Art curator Nina Torres has been working in the worldwide art market for over 20 years, specializing in Latin American Modern and Contemporary Art as well as Mexican culture.

She has designed, developed, and executed successful art and cultural programs for corporate, government, and private groups throughout her career.

Nina is a Mexican-American artist and art historian who specializes in Latin American art and Mexican culture. She has curated exhibitions, written on the subject, and taught classes at various universities.

Her most recent exhibition was “The Other Modern: Alternative Art Practices in Mexico” which she organized for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) She also contributed to “Mexican Muralism: A Critical History of 20th Century Painting” as well as co-curating with Michelle O’Brien an exhibition about Guillermo Gómez Palacio’s work titled “A Dreamer Awakes”.

Nina holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley where her dissertation examined how post-revolutionary politics shaped Mexican mural painting between 1920

Just a little bit about Art Curator Nina Torres…

Nina founded Latin American Art Consulting in 2007, working closely with foundations, museums, auction houses, collectors, galleries, and dealers to further the spread of Latin American Art. LAAC’s main goal is to promote the dissemination of Latin American Art in the international market.

In 1987, Nina founded & directed De Ville Galleries in Mexico City, where she sold major works of art from Latin America Masters, promoted emerging artists, and advised corporate and private collectors.

A second gallery was opened in Cuernavaca, Mexico followed by several private exhibitions in De Ville’s office in the World Trade Center in New York.

Art curator nina torres
Picture of Art curator nina torres

She has curated and overseen over a hundred exhibitions in galleries, art shows, and museums around the world including Mexico, Belgium, Holland, France, Thailand, and the USA. She negotiated and sold works of art for

many Latin American Masters including Carlos Merida, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Remedios Varo, Francisco Zuniga and created the inaugural auction of renowned artist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

She has also served as the Director of Public Relations for the Mexican Government at Europalia in Brussels, Belgium on a project to promote Mexican Culture and business throughout the European Community.

Remaining in government, Nina became the Director of Cultural Promotion for Mexico City; a role that involved the promotion of Mexico and its rich cultural heritage to the people of Mexico City via the organization of major cultural events such as art festivals & outdoor concerts.

She also created cultural exchange programs for Mexico City with Monaco, Thailand, and Vienna, Austria, and oversaw all cultural events for guest foreign dignitaries.

Nina Torres was then appointed the Director of the Mexico City Film Commission. Here she promoted Mexico City and its competitive resources to producers and directors of the world’s motion picture industry and secured the filming of major projects such as Titanic, The Mask of Zorro, and the Game.

Moving to the private sector, Nina became the Director of Special Events at TV Azteca, the second largest TV station in Mexico. A position to design internal cultural & sporting events to raise productivity and create a positive corporate environment among the 4,000 workforce and their families.

Nina received a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Education from the University of the Americas in Mexico and a Certification in E-Commerce from New York University.

She is currently undertaking the renowned New York University Certification in Arts Administration & Appraisal Studies in Fine Arts.

Nina is a Member of the (AAA) Appraisers Association of America, (NAPA) National Association of Professional Appraisers, (CAA) College Art Association, and an Honored Lifetime Member of Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professionals, among others.

Art Curator Nina Torres on how the Miami River Art Fair started…

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