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25 Things To Do In Brickell, Miami Day & Night

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Are you looking for an exciting and unique place to explore? Brickell, Miami is the perfect destination! With its vibrant atmosphere and endless activities both day and night, it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

Whether you’re searching for relaxation or adventure, this city has something for everyone. Let us show you 25 of the best things to do in Brickell, Miami – day or night! You’ll soon understand why so many make it their go-to spot for fun and freedom.

Things To Do In Brickell City Centre

Exploring the Brickell City Centre is one of the best ways to experience Miami day or night. This bustling, urban area offers plenty of activities for everyone – from mini-golf to shopping and dining.

The Metromover provides an easy way to get around town while taking in views of towering skyscrapers. Visitors can also experience some unique forms of entertainment, such as virtual reality gaming and a movie theatre with 4DX technology that immerses viewers in the action on screen.

If you’re looking for something more relaxed, check out the outdoor plaza at Brickell City Centre which features live music and art installations perfect for strolling through.

There’s even a park nearby where you can take a break and enjoy nature while admiring spectacular city views.

In addition to all these attractions, there are many other shops and restaurants throughout this vibrant downtown neighborhood that will keep you entertained no matter what time it is!

Nestled within the vibrant Brickell City Centre area, one can’t help but be spellbound by the captivating energy of this bustling neighborhood, especially when surrounded by the architectural marvels that adorn the top condo building in Brickell.

Whether it’s the break of dawn or the enchanting late hours when the cityscape comes alive with a symphony of twinkling lights, this exquisite building adds unparalleled allure to the already stunning skyline.

Visit The Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the depths of an ocean? At Miami Seaquarium, this dream is a reality! Located just minutes away from Brickell City Centre, this park offers visitors a unique experience:

  • Swim with dolphins and sea lions
  • Watch killer whales put on amazing shows
  • Feed tropical birds in their natural habitat

At Miami Seaquarium, you can get up close and personal with some of nature’s most magnificent creatures. From sunbathing seals to playful otters, there are plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery.

With its wonderful array of aquatic life, the park also serves as an educational resource that provides insight into marine conservation efforts. As such, it’s not only thrilling but incredibly informative as well.

Now that you have seen all the marvels at Miami Seaquarium, why not take your adventure further by enjoying a day at the beach?

Enjoy A Day At The Beach

After a busy day of exploring the vibrant cityscape that is Brickell, Miami, there’s nothing quite like spending time at the beach.

Whether you’re looking to relax and soak up some sun or swim in the crystal-clear waters of Miami Beach, it’s an experience like no other.

The views from this stretch of sand are breathtaking; as far as your eyes can see there are pristine shores lined with swaying palm trees.

When the sun sets, be sure to grab a drink and take advantage of those picture-perfect moments! With its many bars and restaurants located right on the shoreline, you’ll have plenty of choices for sunset drinks while still taking in all that natural beauty around you.

At Miami Beach, every moment is an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime – so don’t forget your camera!

From swimming in the ocean waves to watching spectacular sunsets, these experiences will stay with you long after you say goodbye.

The only thing left now? Take a tour of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and uncover even more secrets within this enchanting destination.

Take A Tour Of The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

After a day in the sun, sand, and surf, it’s time to take your beach experience to the next level with a tour of the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

This iconic Miami hotspot is magnificently situated on Biscayne Bay and offers its visitors an incredible journey through history. From its lush gardens and stunning architecture to its expansive mural walls – there’s something truly special about this place.

Here’s what you can expect when taking a tour at Vizcaya:

  1. Get lost marveling at the grandeur of the Italian Renaissance-style palace built in 1914 by industrialist James Deering.
  2. Take in spectacular views from one of the ten terraces that overlook beautiful Biscayne Bay.
  3. Enjoy magnificent works of art as you explore 34 decorated rooms throughout the Main House.
  4. Unwind while walking around 10 acres of European-inspired formal gardens featuring fruit trees, herbs, plants, sculptures, fountains, and reflecting pools – all set against breathtaking views of Miami’s skyline!

Whether you have hours or only minutes to spare, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity for exploration at Vizcaya! With so much beauty and culture packed into one location – it really does feel like stepping back in time here!

Go Shopping At The Bayside Marketplace

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Shopping in Brickell is a great way to explore the culture and vibrancy of Miami day & night. One popular destination for locals and visitors alike is the Bayside Marketplace, located on the waterfront overlooking the beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Here you can find luxury stores such as Gucci, Burberry, Coach, and Ferragamo; all while enjoying delicious food from some of Miami’s best restaurants.

The Marketplace also offers entertainment options like a live music stage which features both local and international artists performing nightly.

For an even more immersive experience, try catching a movie at their luxurious cinema with reclining seats and state-of-the-art sound systems. It’s no wonder why this shopping center has become one of Miami’s premier destinations!

No matter what time of day it is or how long your stay may be there are plenty of activities available at the Bayside Marketplace that will make your visit memorable. From exclusive shopping opportunities to fun events, there is truly something here for everyone.

To get an up-close look at the stunning landscape surrounding Miami head out onto the bay with a boat ride through Biscayne Bay – you won’t regret it!

Take A Boat Ride Through The Biscayne Bay

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Shopping at Bayside Marketplace was just the beginning of a great day in Brickell. Now, it’s time to take on the next adventure – a journey through Biscayne Bay, and all its beauty.

As they say, “Life is better with friends” so grab your crew and hop aboard for an unforgettable ride! The boat tour of Biscayne Bay will give you a unique view of Miami like no other.

Take in the stunning skyline while cruising around Millionaire Row and Star Island. Enjoy the warm breeze as you navigate past several waterfront mansions and explore hidden coves that offer serene views.

With crystal-clear waters that sparkle under the sun, there’s plenty to discover along this incredible voyage.

When night falls, head over to one of many popular rooftop bars scattered across Brickell for some drinks and snacks while taking in the city lights from up above.

Whether you want to marvel at the stars or simply people-watch – these spots are sure to give you memories worth cherishing forever.

So make sure to get out there and have fun before it’s time to relax within Miami Beach Botanical Garden!

Relax In The Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a perfect place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With lush tropical plants, vibrant flowers, and picturesque pathways, it’s easy to forget that you’re in the heart of one of America’s most vibrant cities.

After an evening spent at karaoke bars or shopping around the historic Miami Circle, head over to this tranquil sanctuary for some peace and serenity.

Take a stroll through winding paths filled with tall palms, fragrant frangipani trees, colorful bougainvillea bushes, and much more.

The garden also offers educational programs such as guided walks, art classes, and lectures about Florida’s native flora and fauna.

There are plenty of benches throughout so visitors can take their time while admiring the magnificent view of Biscayne Bay which can be seen from many parts of the park.

This beautiful oasis may just be your favorite spot in Miami – whether you come alone or with friends. Enjoying nature has never been easier than here; simply marvel at all its wonders without ever leaving your comfort zone!

Take your time here; sit back, breathe in the fresh air, and revel in pure tranquility before continuing on your journey to learn about Cuban culture at Little Havana Cultural Walk.

Learn About Cuban Culture At The Little Havana Cultural Walk

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After taking in the beauty of nature at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, it’s time to explore a different kind of culture.

Little Havana is home to many Latin American businesses and sites with deep historical roots that are worth exploring on the Cultural Walk.

From shopping for unique treasures at places like El Credito Cigar Factory or Casa Valdez to learning about Cuban history at establishments such as the Tower Theater, this walk has something special for everyone.

One of the best parts of visiting Little Havana is enjoying all of the delicious food!

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can find traditional dishes from Cuba and other countries throughout Latin America.

You should also try some exotic fruits while you’re there – guava, mamey sapote, papaya, and mangoes just to name a few!

And don’t forget to stop by Domino Park and watch a game or two; it’s an essential part of experiencing Cuban culture right here in Miami.

At every turn around Little Havana’s Cultural Walk, there’s something new to discover – even if some things remain unchanged over time.

Whether you want to learn more about Cuban music, art, dance, or cuisine; take advantage of what this vibrant neighborhood has to offer before heading off on your next adventure: have fun at the Miami Children’s Museum!

Have Fun At The Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children's Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is the perfect place to take your family for a day of fun and entertainment! This museum offers engaging interactive exhibits that are tailored to kids’ interests.

From art galleries to science experiments to cultural performances – there’s something for everyone!

For an immersive experience, explore the ‘Culture & Community Gallery’. Here you can learn about different cultures through artifacts, music, and storytelling. There are also plenty of exhibits dedicated to exploring nature and technology from around the world.

At the Miami Children’s Museum, your children will have endless opportunities for learning and creative play:


  • Play in Kidz Zone
  • Participate in special programs such as “Science Saturday” or “Families at Work”
  • Attend workshops on topics like coding or computer programming

Creative Play

  • Get hands-on with arts & crafts projects
  • Take part in outdoor activities like mini golf or rock climbing walls
  • Enjoy live shows featuring musical acts and puppet theater productions

This museum offers hours of entertainment that will surely provide memorable experiences for your kids! With so much to do, it might be hard to decide where to begin – just remember that each exhibit has something unique and exciting waiting within its walls.

With these ideas in mind, head over to the Miami Children’s Museum today for some truly entertaining fun!

Ready to catch a show? Then step into The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts—the perfect spot for experiencing culture through live theatre and more!

Catch A Show At The Adrienne Arsht Center For The Performing Arts

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The Miami Children’s Museum was full of adventure, but there are other activities that await in Brickell. For an evening out, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts is a great place to start!

Whether you’re looking for drama, comedy, or music, this venue has something for everyone. Let’s explore what awaits at the Adrienne Arsht Center:

Activity Genre Cost
Theater Drama $15.00
Clubbing Music $20.00 to $40.00
Comedy Venue Stand-Up $15.00


With its grand exterior and modern interior, the Adrienne Arsht Center offers an array of entertainment options. The theater features some of today’s top plays and musicals with prices ranging from moderate to expensive depending on your seating choice.

If clubbing is more your style, then head over to one of their many clubs where you can dance away the night while listening to live DJ sets.

And if stand-up comedy tickles your funny bone, then check out their laughter lounge – they have shows almost every night! Taking a break from everyday life doesn’t mean breaking the bank; whatever type of show you choose will be worth it!

Now that we’ve explored what the Adrienne Arsht Center has to offer, let’s take a nature walk through Key Biscayne National Park and enjoy all that Miami has to offer during both day and nighttime hours.

Take A Nature Walk Through The Key Biscayne National Park

Key Biscayne National Park

Brickell Key is a lush linear park located just off the coast of Brickell. This picturesque area provides spectacular views from sunrise to sunset, and beyond!

With its many walking trails and bike paths, it’s no wonder why this spot has become so popular for nature lovers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

From there you can also explore the nearby Key Biscayne National Park, where you’ll find plenty more beautiful scenery to take in.

The national park offers miles of hiking trails that traverse through mangroves, serene beaches, ancient coral reefs, and an array of wildlife sure to captivate your senses.

Whether you’re looking for some respite from reality or want to reconnect with nature, the national park is the perfect place to do both.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you may catch sight of dolphins frolicking among the waves! All these sights come together for an unforgettable experience—one that will fill your soul with joy and appreciation for all Mother Nature has to offer us.

To top it off, after taking in all this beauty during your day trip here at Brickell Key and Key Biscayne National Park, you can now head over to South Pointe Park and catch some rays as well as amazing sunsets over Miami Beach!

Catch Some Rays At South Pointe Park

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South Pointe Park is an incredibly popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Located in the heart of Brickell, this park offers a great view of the ocean with plenty of space to take in some sun or just relax. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most visited places in Miami!

Here are 4 great reasons to spend your day at South Pointe Park:

  1. Take a dip in the beach – There are several beaches within walking distance from South Pointe Park where you can enjoy a swim or just wade around in the shallow waters.
  2. Enjoy rooftop bars – With its stunning views, there are many rooftop bars near South Pointe that offer drinks and food while overlooking amazing cityscapes.
  3. Shop ‘til you drop – From luxury shopping malls to unique boutiques, Brickell has something for everyone when it comes to retail therapy.
  4. People watch– The park is always bustling with people making it a great place to soak up local culture and get lost watching interesting characters go about their business.

So if you’re looking for an exciting day filled with fun activities, consider spending time at South Pointe Park – it won’t disappoint!

Listen To Live Music At Ball & Chain

After soaking up the sun and views at South Pointe Park, head to Ball & Chain for a vibrant night of live music. This iconic landmark has been an integral part of Miami’s entertainment and retail scene since 1935.

With its outdoor stage and lush gardens filled with tropical plants, this is quite the spot to enjoy some top-notch evening entertainment.

Whether it’s salsa or jazz that catches your ear, you can find it here; they even have DJs spinning hip-hop and house on weekends!

The nightclub also boasts a full bar and restaurant so you can make your visit one for the books. For those looking to get lost in their own groove while sipping on crafted cocktails, look no further than Ball & Chain.

It’s easy to see why locals refer to it as Miami Beach’s ultimate party destination — there’s always something going on every day of the week!

And when you’re done grooving away all your worries from the day, don’t forget to check out their selection of specialty gift items like custom hats and t-shirts emblazoned with their logo.

Your next stop should be down Calle Ocho (8th street) where a different kind of art awaits: Perez Art Museum which houses contemporary works from around the world.

Get ready to immerse yourself in thought-provoking installations and explore colorful exhibits under airy skylights – the perfect way to end your trip through Brickell!

Visit The Perez Art Museum

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The Perez Art Museum is a must-visit for those looking to explore the galleries and museums of Brickell. Located in Downtown Miami, it features art from around the world—from classic works by Picasso to modern pieces inspired by Latin American culture.

The museum also houses some of Miami’s original artwork that can be seen nowhere else in the city. Art Deco hotels line up near the museum as well, giving visitors a chance to admire both stunning architecture and creative artwork at once.

Take your pick between luxurious resorts or cozy inns, all located within walking distance away from the Perez Art Museum. No trip to Brickell would be complete without visiting this vibrant cultural institution.

It’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience with its diverse collections and unique atmosphere – not to mention plenty of photo opportunities!

With so much on offer, you’ll want to make sure you plan enough time here during your stay in Miami. From here we head off into nature; taking a stroll along the Miami River Walk.

Take A Stroll Along The Miami River Walk

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After taking in the sights and sounds of the Perez Art Museum, it’s time to take a walk along the Miami River Walk.

This two-mile stretch is perfect for viewing public art such as murals, sculptures, and street art while strolling by the waterfront.

The Riverwalk has something for everybody; from cafes with outdoor seating to open green spaces where people can relax or play games.

The area around the Miami River Walk also provides plenty of opportunities to explore its vibrant culture.

Visitors will find public parks filled with lush vegetation that add beauty and color to this bustling downtown area.

There are also several nearby restaurants offering delicious cuisine options ranging from Latin fusion tapas to classic Cuban sandwiches.

And don’t forget about all the shops selling souvenirs and other knickknacks!

As you wander along the Miami River Walk, be sure to keep an eye out for special events like live music show or festivals hosted throughout the year.

Taking in these activities amongst friends adds an extra layer of enjoyment when exploring this part of town – so make sure not to experience it alone!

To wrap up your day (or night) out in Brickell, why not try your luck at Magic City Casino?

Try Your Luck At The Magic City Casino

The Magic City Casino

The Magic City Casino is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and gamblers alike. Located in Brickell, Miami, this casino offers a wide range of gambling options and entertainment:

  • Try your luck at one of their 1,000 slot machines
  • Place bets on live poker or play blackjack with friends
  • Enjoy an exquisite steakhouse dinner at Toby’s Steakhouse

When you’re ready to take a break from the tables, head over to Tobacco Road – one of the oldest bars in Miami! This historic bar serves delicious local food and drinks while hosting amazing musical performances.

With so much going on at Magic City Casino there’s something for everyone. From late nights playing cards to early mornings eating breakfast tacos – it’s all here.

Plus, if you get lucky enough to win big you can enjoy an even more extravagant night out… without ever leaving the premises!

Experience The Everglades National Park

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Transitioning from the Magic City Casino, a unique experience awaits those who explore what lies beyond Miami’s bustling downtown.

The Everglades National Park is one of Florida’s hidden gems and offers visitors an opportunity to get away from it all—even if just for a day. Spanning 1.5 million acres, the park is home to thousands of species of wildlife including rare birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Located within 10 miles of Brickell, the Everglades serves as an ideal destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while embracing nature at its finest.

To make the most out of your adventure in this subtropical paradise, consider renting a canoe or kayak and taking a tour down one of the many winding rivers that run through neighborhoods and residential islands alike.

Alongside discovering hidden gems like Lake Okeechobee, you can also spot local wildlife such as manatees, panthers, deer, foxes, bears, bobcats, and even alligators!

The Everglades offer outdoor enthusiasts numerous opportunities to enjoy their time in this natural wonderland; however, camping should be avoided due to potential flooding during hurricane season (June-October).

Instead, look into booking a guided night walk tour where visitors can observe nocturnal animals under starry skies without having to worry about potentially dangerous critters hiding in shadows.

With plenty of possibilities available for exploration within Brickell’s backyard don’t miss out on experiencing the diverse beauty found only in South Florida! Ready to satisfy your appetite? Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant next!

Enjoy A Delicious Meal At A Local Restaurant

At Blue Collar

Brickell is an upmarket area of Downtown Miami, and it’s the perfect place to get your culinary fix. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite or something more extravagant, there are plenty of restaurants in Brickell that can appease any palate.

One spot worth checking out is 305 Peruvian modern cuisine. With its vibrant ambiance and exciting flavors, this eatery will leave you wanting more – from starters like ceviche to entrées like arroz con pollo.

The restaurant also has some great desserts on offer – try the traditional Tres Leches cake for a sweet ending to your meal!

Not only are the dishes delicious but they make for great conversation pieces too – each one bursting with flavor from fresh ingredients and spices.

Plus, if you decide to go during happy hour (3 -7 PM), you’ll enjoy discounted prices on drinks too!

So why not head over to Brickell today? Enjoy a tasty meal at this wonderful Peruvian Restaurant and take advantage of all their fantastic offerings while you’re there!

From incredible food options to discounts on drinks, there’s no better way to spend an evening in downtown Miami.

Take In The Nightlife At A Local Bar

Nightlife At A Local Bar

After enjoying a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants in Brickell, Miami, it’s time to take in the nightlife. With its rapidly developing atmosphere, there is no shortage of things to do after dark here.

From chic clubs and rooftop bars to dive bars with live music, you can find entertainment that suits your style. Here are some hotspots for experiencing the nightlife in Brickell:

  • The Lost Boy – A favorite among locals featuring craft cocktails and an outdoor patio complete with games and fire pits
  • The Bar at Level 25 – An upscale bar on top of a hotel offering stunning views of downtown Miami
  • El Patio Wynwood – This lively spot offers nightly DJs and has become known as the hip-hop epicenter of Miami

No matter what type of evening experience you’re looking for, you’ll have no problem finding something fun happening in Brickell—from lounges with great ambiance to dance floors playing all types of music.

Visiting the Freedom Tower just a few blocks away from these exciting spots would be another way to end your night out on a perfect note.

Visit The Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower in Brickell, Miami is more than a historic landmark. It’s an iconic symbol of freedom and inspiration for all.

A visit to the tower will transport you back to the time when Cubans had first arrived in Miami during Fidel Castro’s regime, seeking refuge from their homeland.

Step inside: Feel inspired by stories of courage and resilience
Enjoy breathtaking views of the downtown Miami skyline
Admire artifacts: See original documents from refugees
Get insights into Cuban American history
Take your time: Explore the museum at your own pace
Experience it with friends or family


Visiting this majestic structure doesn’t have to cost anything – there are plenty of free modes of transport available around the area that can take you right up to its doors!

From here, you can appreciate the spirit of those who left Cuba as well as enjoy a stunning view of Brickell and beyond.

Plus, spend some time admiring artifacts and documents displayed within so you can get a greater understanding of Cuban-American history.

When visiting the Freedom Tower, make sure you don’t rush through – savor every moment while exploring each nook and corner.

The experience is one like no other; it’ll leave you feeling energized and empowered after learning about true tales of bravery. So come along on this journey to discover what makes this place such a unique part of Brickell culture!

With that said, let’s now tour the University of Miami Campus – another gem hidden away in Downtown Miami!

Tour The University Of Miami Campus

The University of Miami offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the culture and history of South Florida. Located in Brickell, this prestigious university is an important financial hub for the city.

Whether you’re looking to get a quick glimpse or explore its many attractions, UM has something great to offer everyone!

Here’s what you should consider when visiting:

  1. Take a campus tour – The best way to understand the school’s atmosphere is by taking one of the guided tours offered through the Campus Tours & Information Center. These tours will take you around the entire campus with knowledgeable guides who can explain all the different buildings and facilities.
  2. Attend a sporting event – Nothing says college life like attending an exciting game at one of their on-campus stadiums! Football games are especially popular here as they often draw large crowds from across South Florida who come out cheering on their beloved Hurricanes.
  3. Visit some iconic spots – From Lake Osceola to The Rock, there are several places throughout campus that have become landmarks over time. Make sure to stop by these areas if you want to see where UM students hang out and make memories together! Plus, it’s always fun getting photos with your friends at these iconic locations.

No matter which activities you decide to partake in while visiting the University of Miami, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience learning more about this incredible institution located right in our own backyard.

With plenty of opportunities available for exploration, curiosity awaits those willing to discover everything UM has hidden away within its walls!

Go For A Bike Ride On The Miami Beach Boardwalk

Biking in Miami is one of the most exhilarating ways to get around and explore. The city’s extensive network of bike paths makes it easy for cyclists to access some of the best parts of town.

One great place to start your biking adventure is on the iconic Miami Beach Boardwalk, which stretches from 21st Street all the way down to South Pointe Park.

Glide along this 5-mile-long path while taking in stunning views of downtown Miami, Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure you bring a camera so that you can take lots of pictures as you go!

A ride along the boardwalk isn’t complete without making a few stops along the way. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes where you can grab a bite or pick up souvenirs before continuing on your journey.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try out windsurfing or kiteboarding? You’ll find several spots along the beachfront offering lessons if you need them.

When it’s time to move on from this amazing stretch of coastline, there’s no better place than HistoryMiami Museum to learn more about Miami’s fascinating history.

As soon as you step through its doors, be prepared to be immersed in an educational experience like none other – with engaging exhibits showcasing everything from native culture and pre-Columbian artifacts to Cuban immigration and civil rights movements.

Learn About Miami’s History At The History Miami Museum

The History Miami MuseumThe HistoryMiami Museum is the ideal destination for anyone looking to learn about the incredible history of Miami! From its roots as a trading post in 1836, to its vibrant and diverse culture today – this museum has it all.

You’ll be absolutely blown away by the sheer size of their collection; with over one million artifacts that tell stories from every era imaginable.

With interactive exhibits, photographs, videos, and more – you’re sure to get an immersive experience like no other! At HistoryMiami Museum, you can explore times gone by while learning how they shape our present world.

Through engaging guided tours tailored to your interests, you’ll uncover fascinating facts about Native Americans’ early settlements or delve into tales of explorers who settled here.

Their dedicated team will even help design custom programs to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

From family activities such as scavenger hunts and story time sessions to special events featuring local artisans and performers – there’s something at this museum for everyone!

Get ready for a totally unique adventure through the past – without ever having to leave modern-day Miami!

Ready for some fun on the water? Let’s take a look at what Biscayne Bay has in store next…

Go Kayaking In Biscayne Bay

Kayaking In Biscayne Bay

After learning about Miami’s history at the HistoryMiami Museum, why not get out and explore the beautiful Biscayne Bay? From kayaking to fishing, there are plenty of water-based activities to choose from.

Here are some great ways to have a blast while taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer:

  • Go on a guided or self-guided kayak tour of the bay – you can even take a night trip for a truly magical experience!
  • Rent a boat and spend an afternoon exploring Key Biscayne’s many islands, coves, and shallow waters.
  • Take a deep sea charter fishing excursion with experienced captains who know where to find some of the best catches around.
  • Try your hand at standup paddle boarding (SUP) or kiteboarding for an adrenaline rush like no other.
  • Hop aboard one of the glass-bottom boat tours available throughout South Florida – perfect for those who want to see up close what lies beneath the surface without getting wet!

No matter how you decide to explore Biscayne Bay, it’s sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

Take A Trip To The Miami Zoo & Gardens

Miami Zoo Gardens

The Miami Zoo and Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Brickell. An amazing experience awaits you with over 3,000 animals from around the world that are native to South Florida’s tropical climate.

It’s a great place to get close-up views of some incredible species while learning about their habitats and conservation efforts by zoo keepers.

At The Miami Zoo & Garden, there’s something for everyone: adults can explore the gardens or take part in an animal encounter; kids can enjoy exciting rides like the Wings of Asia aviary or Kangaroo Bus Tour; and families will love spending time together watching shows like Zookeeper Talks and getting hands-on experiences at petting areas.

For those looking for more adventure, there are even behind-the-scenes tours available!

No matter your age or preferences, you’re sure to find something fun and educational at the Miami Zoo & Gardens – it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Brickell!

With its diverse array of wildlife on display amidst lush vegetation and natural beauty, this beloved destination is not only informative but also awe-inspiring. There’s no better way to learn about nature than immersing yourself in its wonders here at the zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Outdoor Activities In Brickell?

Are you looking for the best outdoor activities in Brickell, Miami? If so, then look no further!

Whether it’s biking along the Venetian Causeway or kayaking through the tranquil waters of Biscayne Bay, there’s something to do outside for everyone.

Enjoy stunning views of downtown from your bike seat and experience a variety of wildlife while exploring on two wheels.

For those seeking an aquatic adventure, enjoy a peaceful paddle through some of the city’s most scenic spots with breathtaking backdrops.

So come out and explore what Brickell has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens?

Visiting the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Brickell, Miami is an experience like no other. Thanks to its beautiful European-style architecture and lush gardens, it’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But how much will this cost you? Entrance fees depend on your age group: adults (18+) pay $19 for admission, while youth aged 6-17 pay just $6! Active members of the military receive free entry with valid identification.

So if you’re looking for a unique day out in Brickell, be sure to check out Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Are There Any Casinos In Brickell?

The exciting city of Miami is known for its nightlife, beaches, and attractions that keep visitors coming back.

But did you know there are also some hidden gems to explore in Brickell?

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your evening, why not try your luck at one of the local casinos? From blackjack tables to slot machines, these venues have it all!

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone. So if you’re ready for a new adventure in Brickell, head on over to see what kind of excitement awaits.

Are There Any Kid-Friendly Activities In Brickell?

If you’re looking for kid-friendly activities in Brickell, Miami, then you’ve come to the right place!

With its beautiful parks and outdoor attractions, this area is the perfect spot for families of all ages.

From interactive playgrounds at Bayfront Park to a visit to Perez Art Museum or Frost Science Museum, there’s something fun for everyone.

And if your kids want some more adventure, take them out on a boat tour around Biscayne Bay or rent kayaks and paddleboards at Margaret Pace Park.

No matter what activity you choose, it will be sure to make memories that last a lifetime!

Are There Any Historic Sites In Brickell?

As the saying goes, a journey into history can be an enlightening experience, and Brickell is no exception. There are a plethora of historic sites located in this vibrant neighborhood for those looking to explore its past.

The Miami Circle at Archaeological Site State Park showcases 2,000-year-old Native American artifacts while the Alfred I Dupont Building stands as a testament to the area’s early 20th-century skyline.

Other noteworthy spots include Freedom Tower, which served as a processing center for Cuban immigrants during the ’60s and ’70s, and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, housing Italian Renaissance art from centuries ago.


It’s safe to say that Brickell, Miami is a fantastic destination for all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or some fun nightlife options, there are plenty of activities and sites to explore.

From the tranquil Vizcaya Museum & Gardens to the vibrant casinos located throughout the area, it’s easy to find something everyone will enjoy. And if you have little ones in tow, there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions too!

All in all, this lush corner of Florida has much to offer any traveler who comes its way. So why not take your next vacation here and discover what Brickell can do for you?

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